How to sew in weave hair without braiding hair

Now more and more beautiful girls are willing to spend more time and money on their hair because healthy thick hair can not only bring them beauty but also give them confidence. Usually, the installation of human weave hair is sewing and gluing. Today we will introduce a special sewing method.

Today we are going to introduce the method of installing weave hair, which is sewing in hair without hair braiding. Because some girls have more hair, braiding will take a lot of time, and the process is very boring, so today we will introduce this installation method takes less time and effort.

It is also called “Malaysian method weave”, which allows you to sew your virgin hair bundles firmly into your own hair with a simple needle and thread. This method makes the wearer feel more relaxed and comfortable. Hope that through the video and content below, we can help you understand how to sew weave hair without hair braiding.

Here is a video on YouTube. You can see the specific way of sewing straight hair bundles with lace closure from this video.

With the above video combined with the following text description, I hope to give you a clearer understanding of how to sew weave hair without hair braiding.

  1. First, prepare the tools you need: C shape needles, small scissors, the same color weave thread as your hair bundles, comb.
  2. Put the right length of weave thread in the same color as your own hair through the C shape needle, then tie a knot and cut off the excess thread.
  3. Comb the hair around your head in order, and tie the hair above your head.
  4. Put the weave cap on your head and sew it on your hair with thread. Finally, cut the top area.
  5. From the left side to the right, hair bundles is stitched to your weave cap. Repeat this process until the upper edge of the weave cap.
  6. Finally, install a closure in the upper part of the header to complete the installation of the entire hair extension.

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