Now human weave hair are popular among girls around the world and are becoming more and more beautiful. There are a lot of girls who are willing to take the time to wear human hair bundles with lace frontal of lace closure for full head because it naturally gives you a more beautiful hairstyle and can last for a long time.

In fact, many girls do not know how to distinguish the quality of human hair, there are many kinds of them, they represent different quality, use feeling, and cost. Today we are going to look at remy hair and virgin hair. Look at their respective characteristics, and which of them is the best human hair.

What is virgin hair?

Alimoda hair bundles body wave

Alimoda Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave Bundles

The picture above shows a human hair collector cutting a real virgin remy hair from the head of an unsophisticated Brazilian woman. This Brazilian woman did not have any prems and hair coloring on her hair at the barber, so her hair was best natural and was called virgin hair.

They do not require complex chemical treatment. They can be sold only by simple washing and styling. Virgin hair bundles are very healthy because it has never been hurt by a prem or dye. It can bring you beauty for at least a year if you take good care of it. They are very soft, smooth and glossy.

What is remy hair?

Usually, the remy hair extension sold on the market is manually used to adjust the direction of the hair scales in the same direction by hand. So it is not easy to get tangled up than ordinary human hair. They also have a relatively complete stratum corneum, so they are relatively healthy. But compared to virgin hair, it comes from different donors, so the quality of each part is different, and some may also be premed or dyed, so it looks less natural than virgin hair.

alimoda hair straight hair with closure

Alimoda Malaysian Virgin Hair Straight Hair Bundles

Compare remy hair and virgin hair

Remy hair is characterized by its scales in the same direction, but some of them may have been permed and dyed. Virgin hair is characterized by its scales in the same direction and without any prem or dye or other chemical treatment. To put it simply, virgin hair is the best remy hair, but remy hair is not necessarily virgin hair.

Which is best to have an answer in your mind?

Alimoda sells the best human weave hair, they are all made of 100% virgin hair, so they are all very healthy, silky and shiny. There are many kinds of choices for you to choose from, such as Brazilian body wave weave hair, Malaysian straight hair bundles, Peruvian curly hair lace closure, Indian wavy hair lace frontal and so on.


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