where can we buy real virgin hair

Now more and more girls are getting their dream health, bushy hair and favorite hairstyle through human hair extensions, and they become more confident. There is a situation where a lot of consumers hear that virgin hair is the best hair, but they don’t know why virgin hair is the best, how to distinguish which is the real virgin hair, and where to buy the real 100% virgin weave hair. Today we are going to help you solve these problems, hoping to help you.

Why virgin hair is the best? What can it bring to you?

Virgin hair is not the hair of virgin, it mainly refers to this kind of hair is not permed, dyed or other chemical treatment, which means that they are the most natural and healthy hair.

Usually, virgin hair is collected from pristine rural women in different countries, such as Brazil, India, Malaysia, Peru and so on. They are the highest quality human hair, and each hair scales move in the same direction, so they don’t tangle easily, and that reduce friction loss between hair.

Since virgin weave hair usually comes from the same donor, they look the same, so it gives you the most natural look. Because it is not permed or dyed, it is very healthy, and it is easier for you to maintain, and it usually lasts for two years if you take good care of it. Virgin Brazilian straight hair is the most basic form of hair, so it can easily be dyed to any color you like. And if you are not satisfied with its hairstyle, you can restyle it in any hairstyle you want.

Another very good thing about virgin hair extensions is that no matter who wears it, it doesn’t produce any allergic reactions. It is like your own hair. The advantages are too much to say. Generally speaking, virgin hair is the best at present.


alimoda hair deep wave hair bundles with closure 9

Alimoda Deep Wave Bundles With Closure (100% virgin hair)

Where can we buy real 100% virgin weave hair?

First of all, real virgin hair should be natural color, and there may be a few white or brown hair mixed in, which means it has not been dyed or bleached. It is very easy to mix with your own natural hair, no matter what hairstyle you have. There are a lot of fake virgin hair bundles on the market, so how can we distinguish, here is an article《What is remy hair, non-remy hair, virgin hair, human hair?》 is about this, interested friends can click to see it.

alimoda hair body wave bundles with closure 10

Alimoda Body Wave Bundles With Closure (100% virgin hair)

Alimoda Virgin Hair

Alimoda is a well-known hair supplier. All our weave hair are made of 100% virgin hair. They are Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair and so on. We only use steam styling during processing, without any acid bath process, so they are kept in their original state, and more durable than others.

Finally, there are a lot of hairstyles and shopping combinations for you to choose from, such as Brazilian straight hair bundles, Brazilian body wave bundles with closure, curly hair bundles with frontal, body wave 360 lace frontal, loose deep wave lace closure hair, wavy hair lace frontal and so on.

Beautiful hair can make you stand out among girls. It can not only bring you beauty but also bring you more luck. Investing a little money to invest in real virgin hair bundles with lace closure frontal is definitely a profitable business.


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