what is lace closure and lace frontal?

In order to make virgin hair bundles blend with girls’ own hair more natural, lace frontal and lace closure hair were invented by people. They all have the ability to close the process of installing hair bundles, which is convenient for girls to install and save their precious time. They are excellent works. Let’s feel their charm together.

Let’s start with a brief introduction to lace closure and lace frontal.

Lace closure

The lace closure hair is made of lace and virgin hair. Each hair is embedded on the surface of the lace. The lace can imitate your scalp so that others can see that the hair grows out of your own scalp.

Alimoda Body Wave Lace Closure Hair ( Free Part )

Lace frontal

The lace frontal is also made of lace and remy hair. Its lace covers the area from your left ear to your right ear. Its charm is that it requires fewer hair bundles, but it can be more flexible.


Alimoda Straight Hair Lace Frontal

Comparison between lace closure and lace frontal

The biggest difference between a frontal and a closure is that their lace sizes are different. The size of the lace frontal is 13*4 inches, which can cover the front of the head from left ear to right ear. So it can cover the traces of hair bundles sewn around your ears, which can give you the most natural and perfect hairline. The size of the lace closure is 4*4 inches, which can be placed perfectly in front of your head. Usually, lace frontal is more popular than lace closure, but its price is higher.

Compared with ordinary human hair bundles, what more attention should be paid when taking care of lace closure and lace frontal?

  1. Use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb. Comb the ends of your hair to the root of your hair in turn. Be careful not to overexert yourself when combing to the root, or you will cause your hair to fall off.
  2. If you want to wash your lace closure or lace frontal, it is best to use sulfate-free shampoo. Not only hair, lace is also sensitive to acid, which dries and tangles your lace closure hair or lace frontal.
  3. Protect your lace closure hair or lace frontal while sleeping, because their hair is embedded in lace to create a more natural look, so their hair can’t be pulled too hard or it will fall off. So if you don’t take some protective measures, turning over or moving around at night will pull your hair on lace, which will cause them to fall off and tangle. You can use a silk scarf to tie your human hair bundles together.


Lace closure and lace frontal are excellent works of art. They can bring beauty and confidence to girls. Today we are going to introduce them briefly and talk about some of the things that we should pay more attention to when taking care of them than ordinary remy hair bundles. Sincerely hope that these can help you.

alimoda hair loose deep wave bundles with closure 6

Alimoda Loose Deep Wave Bundles With Closure

Alimoda lace closure hair and lace frontal

Alimoda produces and sells the highest grades of lace closure hair and lace frontal, all made of 100% virgin hair. So they are very healthy, silky and have the most natural appearance. Not only that, they are both Double Machine Weft, so they are very durable, and they don’t shed as long as they are used properly.

There are many hairstyles for you to choose from, such as straight hair bundles with lace closure, body wave with lace frontal, curly hair bundles with 360 lace frontal and so on. Choose one you like and you are welcome to visit our site for details.


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