Something you should know about lace front wigs

In the last article, we briefly introduced lace front human hair wigs and know that lace front wigs have many advantages, so many people like lace front wigs very much. However, many consumers are not good at choosing the most suitable lace front wigs for themselves and using it. Today we will talk about how to use and select your human hair wigs.

How to wear lace front wigs?

  • 1. It is the most basic skill to make the color of your lace wigs more close to your complexion.
  • 2. Make sure your natural hair is well hidden before you wear lace human hair wigs so that it won’t pop up unexpectedly while you wear real hair wigs.
  • 3. Treat your human hair wigs gently, because the lace frontal of wigs is made of very fine and expensive materials. Gently treat it when it is washed or removed from your head.
  • 4. Even if it’s cheap wigs, if you want to trim it, we suggest that you directly ask a professional hairstylist to help you. Don’t trim it yourself, otherwise, the lace frontal of wigs may be unraveled.

Follow video will show you how to install a lace front wig:

Is it the right size?

Many people buy lace front wigs that may not be perfect in size. If you want to have a lace front human hair wigs that fit you perfectly in size, then you need to make accurate measurements of the following points:

  • 1. The circumference of the head
  • 2. The length from front to nape
  • 3. Ear to ear over the top of your head
  • 4. Ear to ear across front hairline
  • 5. Length of the entire neck
  • 6. The length from left temple to the right temple

Measurement size

Measurement size

As long as you can accurately measure the length of the points above, you can definitely find the most suitable size for you.

How to care your lace front wigs?

  • 1. To wash your lace wigs with mild water, you cannot use overheated or undercooled water.
  • 2. After washing your wigs, put it flat on the table, in the shade and air-dry naturally. Don’t use a hot-blower to dry it. Because that will destroy the nutrition of your wigs.
  • 3. Never use a thick comb for a little entanglement. It is best to gently comb your Brazilian lace front wigs with a wide-toothed comb.

body wave lace front wig

Alimoda Body Wave Lace Front Wig

Alimoda sells many kinds of lace front wigs, their raw materials are all 100% virgin hair, if you can take care of it correctly, it can bring you beauty for more than 1 year. Finally, if you have any better suggestions, please speak in the comments area.


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