Middle part closure hair

Changing the style of your hair can dramatically change your appearance, which is why human hair bundles are so popular in the world now. Usually, it is sewn to connect hair bundles to your own natural hair, but it’s uncomfortable for the wearer. Fortunately, the Alimoda lace closure hair effectively solves this problem. Today we will introduce a kind of lace closure hair.

Why we need lace closure hair?

  1. A lace closure hair can make your forehead hair look more natural and realistic, just as hair grows out of your scalp.
  2. Closure hair can easily mix with your other hair bundles, and a lace closure can solve the problem of the top of your head.
  3. Lace closure is divided into 3 kinds from part style, they are free part closure, middle part closure and three part closure. Today we mainly introduce middle part closure hair.

alimoda hair straight hair with closure

Alimoda Straight Hair Bundles With Middle Part Closure

What is middle part closure

Middle part lace closure is a closure type that divides closure hair into two parts from the middle, giving a perfect middle hairstyle. Its raw materials are 100% imported high-grade lace, which is very soft and comfortable. Approaching the color of human scalp makes your hairline more natural and realistic.

What is the difference between middle part closure and others?

  1. Middle part closure and 3 part closure hair are all pre-parted types. This type of lace closure hair is easier to wear and easier to style.
  2. The free part closure is more natural looking than others.
  3. Pre-parted closure hair looks terrible when it is installed with a little bit of deviation. However, free part closure hair is sewn with a little error, it doesn’t look too bad. Simply making a shape out of free part lace closure, it is a different style, it is more flexible relative to the other.
  4. Middle part closure hair and three part closure hair may cost less time and energy in maintaining than free part closure hair.

alimoda hair straight hair closure

Alimoda Straight Hair Lace Closure(Free Part, Middle Part, Three Part)

What type should we choose?

  1. One part closure hair is a complete piece of hair in the center. It is a size of 4*4. The hairstylist can style this closure hair arbitrarily.
  2. Freestyle closure hair gives a very natural and realistic hairline to girls. You can separate it anywhere in freestyle part lace closure and it looks very natural, which is why it makes more shapes and styles.
  3. 3 part closure hair is one of the best-selling types, and it is a very unique creation. This type of lace closure hair allows you to easily change parting, which provides more possibilities for you to shape.
  4. Middle part closure looks natural. It can perfectly separate hair from the middle. If you paint something with the same color as the scalp in the middle part, it will be more natural.
  5. Above, we have given different types of virgin hair lace closure their own characteristics, and how to choose to look at yourself.

Alimoda hair body wave bundles with closure

Alimoda Body Wave Bundles With Free Part Closure

Alimoda supply all kinds of human hair closure, such as straight hair lace closure, body wave closure hair, curly hair lace closure, deep wave closure hair and so on. Among them, straight hair lace closure and body wave closure hair have free part, middle part and 3 part, while other only have free part and middle part.


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