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A beautiful hair is very important for every girl, but for a variety of reasons, many beautiful girls can’t have healthy, thick hair, which makes them very depressed. Fortunately, the appearance of human weave hair can help them have a full of head natural-look hair.
There are many kinds of weave hair, the closure hair is a very popular style, it can help girls have the most natural hairline. And closure hair has different styles, such as free part closure, middle part closure, and three part closure. Today we will mainly introduce free part closure in this article.

What is the closure hair?

A closure is designed to create a more natural hairline and to facilitate the installation of weave hair, which is more flexible than normal human hair bundles. Usually, beautiful girls will combine hair bundles and lace closure hair together to buy enough, and Alimoda hair bundles with closure can give girls a perfect natural hair.
The closure size is 4*4, 4 inches wide and 4 inches long. It is divided into lace closure, swiss lace closure and silk closure according to the different manufacturing materials. But no matter what type they are, they are all designed to mimic the scalp, to create the illusion that weave hair grows out of your own scalp. The installation of closure can be suture and glue.

Alimoda hair straight hair lace closure details

Alimoda Closure Hair(100% Virgin Hair And Double Machine Weft)

Free Part Closure

As its name suggests, this style of closure can be very free, and its parts can be anywhere. If your free part closure is full lace, its part can still prevent your preferred location from just passing through a comb and a little water.
The free part closure has the ability to separate the hair anywhere in the whole lace closure hair, whereas for 3 part closure, it can only separate the hair in a predetermined position. So free part closure is more flexible and more changeable in styling.

alimoda hair straight hair with closure

Alimoda Straight Hair Bundles With Closure(Free Part)

How to sew in lace closure

  1. Wash your own hair thoroughly.
  2. Comb your hair.
  3. Wear a weave hair net on your head.
  4. Sewing in the hair net
  5. Sewing in the weft. Use the C shape needle to stitch the weft onto the braid on your head.
  • Here is a YouTube video. You can get the specific process from this video.

Alimoda sells the best lace closure hair, they are all made of 100% virgin hair, so they are all of the high quality and don’t have any perm, dye or other chemical treatment. There are many hairstyles for you to choose, such as straight hair closure, body wave closure, wavy hair closure, curly hair closure, deep wave closure and so on. Welcome the beautiful girls to visit our site to find out the details.


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