From which aspects do you choose the most suitable human hair extension for you

For some ordinary consumers, in the face of a variety of styles of 100% human hair extension, often questioned what kind of raw material to choose, which hairstyle, which color and so on, I will introduce these aspects one by one:

1. Raw materials

  1. Ordinary human hair. Ordinary human hair is relatively expensive but comfortable to wear, the effect is better realistic, and there is no allergic effect. At present, the most used real human hair on the market is Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair and Chinese hair. Among them, Brazilian hair is one of the largest amounts of raw materials, Alimoda Brazilian weave hair has many advantages, such as easy styling, no shedding, no tangle, details can be clicked the post why do we choose Brazilian hair.
  2. Synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is inexpensive, but chemical fiber hair wearing comfort far less than real hair, and for individuals, may have wearing discomfort or slight allergies. Alimoda hair products are made from 100% virgin human hair, without any chemical fiber hair. Types include Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, Peruvian hair. Specific purchase depends on the level of personal consumption.
  3. 100% virgin hair. 100% virgin hair is the best human hair. The biggest feature of virgin hair is that it has not undergone any perming, hair coloring and other chemical treatments. So they are very natural, healthy and silky. Quality is the best of all kinds, and of course, the price is relatively high.


2. Hairstyle

Alimoda hairstyle is divided into straight hair, body wave, curly hair, loose deep wave, water wave, kinky curly, kinky straight, funmi hair and so on. The choice of hairstyle depends not only on your own preferences but also on your own situation.

different hairstyle

3. Hair color

If you want to wear it on a formal occasion, you are advised to choose a color that is closer to the normal person’s hair color, so it looks more solemn. Alimoda offers natural color and 613 blondes color, and they can easily be dyed in any color you like.

#1B vs 613

4. According to face selection

  • Round face: You can choose some medium-long hairstyle to cover the cheeks so that the face as long as possible while making a plump face appear small.
  • Oval face: Choose the whole big wave hairstyle, so that smooth lines against the jaw, will make the whole face look lively and streamlined.
  • Diamond Face: Choose a medium and long hairstyle, especially a fluffy forehead and a fuller jaw, so that the overall feeling will be well coordinated.

In short, you have to choose the hair extension that suits you not only according to your own preferences but also according to your own circumstances. For example, whether you are going to use it for formal occasions or for private parties, are you going to dye it in other colors, what is your face shape, your own age, and so on.

Finally, with a little ad, Almoda has the best virgin hair extension, they’re all natural colors, and they don’t have any perm or dye, so they’re soft, healthy, and shiny.

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