Why can't you dye and perm at the same time

When we buy weave hair home, we are very happy, because it is so natural, so soft as silk smooth, so beautiful. They are usually natural colors because they are unprocessed. But there are also some more fashionable girls here who like to dye their virgin hair bundles in more personalized color or make other hairstyles.
There are some things you need to know about perming and dyeing. For example, between the two perming at least how long the interval, what is the correct way to dye hair and so on. Only by understanding these tips can you keep your human hair bundles healthy.

Alimoda hair body wave bundles with closure

Alimoda Body Wave Bundles With Closure

We can’t dye hair and perm at the same time

  1. Even the best dyes and the best hairstylists can’t change the way these operations hurt your virgin hair. If you do it at the same time, it will cause double damage to your weave hair, no matter how good the quality of your body wave hair is.
  2. If you color and perm at the same time, they will not produce good effects. But if you operate them separately, you can not only reduce the damage to your hair but also make your hair color more beautiful, the style more natural, the effect lasts longer.
  3. If for some reason you have to perm and dye your weave hair in a short time, then you’d better choose some good hair dye products and perm products, and find a qualified hairstylist, which may minimize the damage to your virgin hair. But you don’t want too much hope. In order to keep your virgin hair healthy and beautiful, it is better to separate the perm and the dye. Especially for Brazilian hair and Indian hair. There is also a need to perm first and then dye the hair. The interval between the best is about 30 days.

alimoda hair straight hair with frontal

Alimoda Straight Hair Bundles With Frontal


  1. During the perm process, high temperatures and chemicals will open the cuticle of the virgin straight hair bundles, which leads to the loss of hair pigment. Therefore, dyeing hair before perming will destroy the effect of hair dyeing.
  2. Just after the perm treatment, the human hair is not so soft and smooth, which is not conducive to the application of hair dye, so the effect of dyeing will not be ideal.
  3. If there is some time between the two operations gives your hair a buffer repair time, it can minimize the damage.
In the above article, we have briefly introduced the points that need attention in perming and dyeing. Although dyeing and perming can make your weave hair more personalized, it also inevitably causes some problems. Alimoda 100% virgin hair bundles are not chemically treated, so they are more capable of withstanding damage from dyes and perms. Here are some of the star weave hair, such as Brazilian straight hair bundles, body wave bundles with closure, curly hair bundles with lace frontal and so on. Looking forward to your visit.

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