what cause weave hair can't last longer

Now many girls like to help them get more different hairstyles through human weave hair. However, keeping our weave hair healthy, silky and shiny requires energy and time. Today we are going to talk about what is causing our virgin weave hair to stop healthy and can not last longer.

Why can’t weave hair last longer?

  1. The most direct and fundamental reason is that it can not absorb nutrients from your body, only passive acceptance of your maintenance, so over time, it will gradually become no vitality.
  2. If you buy human hair bundles that last shorter than others, you may be buying bad human hair. Usually, the raw materials for producing human weave hair are ordinary human hair, remy hair and virgin hair, which have the similar appearance but have completely different durations. If you buy fake virgin weave hair, they may have been permed, dyed or chemically treated. They look very similar to real virgin hair at the beginning, but after several times of washing, they will reveal themselves.

Alimoda Body Wave Bundles With Closure (100% virgin hair)

  1. You have not properly maintained your remy hair weave, which is subjectively affecting its service life. Whether it is the wrong way to wear it, the wrong way to wash it, or the wrong way to bleach and dye your hair, all of this can seriously damage your hair bundles. For example, if you don’t sew Brazilian straight hair bundles to the right head area, this will not only cause your weave hair to shed because of uneven force but also increase the pressure on your own hair. If you wash too hard or wash too many times, hair extensions will become dry, tangled. If you don’t ask professional hairstylist to help you when you are going to dye or bleach your hair, the wrong way may hurt your hair even more.
  2. Wear it all the time. If you wear the same Brazilian body wave hair all the time and don’t give it a break, it will reduce its service life. You know that workers who are in good physical condition can’t work all the time. If you always wear human hair weave, we suggest you buy at least two so that they can have a little rest.

alimoda hair loose deep wave bundles with closure 6

Alimoda Loose Deep Wave Bundles With Closure

  1. Always coloring, perm, use a hot blower or curling stick. These will take away the nutrients and moisture from your lace closure hair and make them dry, forked and lifeless.

There may be other reasons why your remy hair extensions doesn’t last longer, but most of them are due to our subjective mistakes, so we need to maintain them correctly.


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