Take care of your lace frontal closure

Now lace frontal closure is slowly becoming the most popular human weave hair type because it can not only give beautiful girls a the most natural hairline but also save them time spent on install.

In order to keep it healthy and silky all the time, we should take good care of your best lace frontal closure in daily use. After all, it is not cheap. Well, today we will share some points you need to pay attention to when you use your virgin human hair lace frontal closure.


Alimoda Straight Hair Lace Frontal

Use the right shampoo and hair care products.

The shampoo and hair care products you use throughout your lace frontal closure with hair bundles life cycle play a very important role in keeping your lace frontal closure healthy, and it also affects your own wearing experience. Usually, many of the shampoos we buy contain sulfate, which can do a lot of harm to our weave hair.

So before we buy shampoo and hair care products, try to look at the ingredients on the label as much as possible and choose a more neutral product, which can extend the life of our human weave hair to a certain extent.


Careful cleaning

Usually good quality lace frontal closure hair is made from 100% virgin human hair, so they are a living ornament, but because they are no longer available from our bodies for nutrients and water, they are much more fragile than our own hair, so we can’t wash human hair without any scruples as if they were our own hair.

As far as possible, do not bleach, dye and perm

Try not to bleach, dye or perm our hair as much as possible, which can seriously damage our hair and make it drier and more tangled. If you have to do it, it is recommended that you send a stylist to help you and don’t try it yourself.

Alimoda hair body wave bundles with frontal 7

Alimoda Body Wave Bundles With Frontal

Take care of lace frontal closure hair at night

Nothing is worse than having your hair tangled together. Imagine waking up every morning facing a mess of your hair bundles, which not only takes you more time to recreate it but also seriously damages it and causes it to shed. Tie your hair together with a ribbon before you go to bed to prevent it from getting tangled up when you roll over at night. Here is an article on how to protect our hair while sleeping at night. You can click to see.

Keep away from hot styling tools or overheated environments

Don’t use a hot-blower when drying your hair. It is best to leave it in a cool, dry place and air-dry it naturally. Don’t stay in a hot environment, for example, keep away from the oven.

Anyway, there are many points to note in the process of wearing virgin hair, it is not easy to be beautiful. So in order to keep our lace frontal closure hair healthy and shiny, we need to spend some time and energy to maintain it. Finally, I hope you can make your own lace frontal closure hair beautiful and silky.





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