stop using the wrong way to wash your weave hair

Human weave hair as a decoration with a history of more than one hundred years has helped millions of girls have their own dream hairstyle. It has now become a very popular ornament, and many girls are wearing them, but many of girls make many small mistakes when washing them, causing their human weave hair to become dry, tangled, or even shed.

Now let’s take a look at some of the more common mistakes.

  1. The frequency of washing is relatively excessive. Remember that human hair bundles can’t absorb nutrients and water from us, so it’s more fragile than our own hair. So if you wash hair bundles too much, the acid in the shampoo will take away the moisture and make it dry and lifeless.

Ali moda hair water wave bundles 11

Alimoda Water Wave Hair Bundles(100% virgin human hair)

  1. Before human hair bundles are completely wet, apply shampoo on it. This doesn’t give your hair a buffer, and in general it this way doesn’t wash your weave hair completely. It is best to let weave hair completely moisturize, then dilute the shampoo and apply it on the hair. Not only will this cleanse your weave hair more thoroughly, but it will also help prevent high concentrations of shampoo from harming your hair.
  2. Directly washing dirty and messy hair may lead to it knots or even shedding. If you can use a wide-toothed comb to smooth curly wave weave hair, this will not only prevent hair from knotting during the washing process but also make it easier to clean hair.

alimoda body wave lace closureAlimoda Body Wave Lace Closure(free part, middle part, three part)

These common mistakes can affect the life and experience of your remy hair extensions. Did you get it?

Next I will introduce some correct ways to wash hair. Look at it carefully.

  1. Before cleaning, use a wide tooth comb to comb the lace closure hair into several small parts. After the hair is completely moist, dilute the appropriate amount of shampoo and evenly spread it on the hair from top to bottom, then gently wash it.
  2. After washing the human hair extensions, apply a better conditioner evenly from top to bottom on your hair. Remember to apply more on the hair tip. And it is better to apply conditioner when there is not so much water on your hair. Too much water will dilute the conditioner. After placing it for 15 minutes, rinse the conditioner thoroughly with cold water. Never use hot water, which will make the whole maintenance process useless.
  3. Finally, the cleaned weave hair is placed in a cool and ventilated place and dried naturally. Try not to use a hairdryer because it will make your human hair weave dry. Make sure it’s completely dry before wearing it, or they may not smell good because the heat doesn’t go out.

At the end of the article, I sincerely hope that today’s introduction can help every beauty-loving girl to wash their precious weave hair correctly, so as to keep their hair healthy, silky and shiny. If you have a better way, you are welcome tfo leave messages in the comments to share with more girls.


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