Now many girls are willing to use human weave hair to help them have different hairstyles and healthy hair, which has become very common. If you have natural black straight hair and you just want to make it longer or cover up dry hair instead of changing its hairstyle, you just use straight hair bundles is ok. But if you want other hairstyles, it is hard to make a natural look with just hair bundles, because it doesn’t blend well with your own hair. In this case, using a lace closure hair is the best solution.


        What is lace closure?
        Maintain your lace closure?

What is lace closure?

Lace closure hair is weaving human hair on lace so that it can imitate the illusion of hair growing from the scalp. The size of its lace fabric is 4 inches long and 4 inches wide.

Human weave hair are for more girls to have healthy hair, but also to have the most natural appearance possible. Using a lace closure hair allows you to try more hairstyles, and choosing different kinds of lace closure can give you different styles. Lace closure is divided into 3 categories, they are free part closure, middle part closure and three part closure. Three different lace closure have their own characteristics. You can click previous article for details.

alimoda body wave lace closureAlimoda Body Wave Lace Closure (Free Part, Middle Part, Three Part)

How to keep your closure hair healthy?

Only if you really like it, will you take time and energy to take care of it, right? So the most important thing is that you have to choose the best hair bundles with lace closure according to your own conditions and professional hairstylist’s advice, as long as you like it you will protect it.
Here are some tips for protecting your lace closure:

  1. First of all, treat it like your own baby, such as when combing it, it is best to gently comb it with a wide-toothed comb. Don’t rush to comb, that will lead to shedding.
  2. Try not to use hair products like hairspray. If you use them, they will stick to your hair and lace, so the chemicals in them will destroy your hair. And using them will increase the frequency of your shampoo, which will make your hair dry and lifeless.
  3. Regular cleaning of your lace closure hair is necessary, otherwise, it will become tangled with dirt and even produce a bad smell. But be careful not to wash too much. There is also a need to gently clean your closure hair if too much force will cause your closure hair to shed.
  4. Regular use of hair care products to do a nursing. Try not to perm and dye your hair. When it is not used, wash it first, then seal it in a cool place.
  5. Anyway, there are a lot of other things to pay attention to, but even if you know all the ways, but do not love your lace closure hair, that is useless.

Alimoda Water Wave Bundles With Closure

If you are still wondering what kind of lace closure hair you want to buy, then you can take a look at our weave hair bundles with lace closure. They are made of imported lace and 100% virgin hair, so they are all very healthy, natural and silky. And we are all double machine wef, so it is more durable, no shedding no tangle.

There are so many hairstyles for you to chooose, like straight hair lace closure, body wave bundles with closure, curly wave weave hair with lace closure and so on. Your are welcome to visit our site for details.


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