Some mistakes about washing weave hair

Now more and more girls like to wear human hair extensions because it can not only bring them beauty but also give them confidence. The maintenance of virgin hair is very important because it not only keeps your weave hair healthy, silky and shiny but also prolongs its service life.

Many people only know that perm and dye can do great damage to our hair bundles, make them become dry and lifeless. But there are more factors that can cause damage to your human hair bundles, such as the wrong way to wash your hair, use sulfate shampoo, use inferior hair care products and so on. Today we are going to discuss some things you may not notice when you wash your hair.


  1. When you bathe in the evening, you should take a bath first and then wash your hair.
    Many girls wash their hair, then wrap it around and take a bath at night, but this sequence is incorrect. The correct order is to wash your face after entering the bathroom and then take a bath. During this time, the steam in the bathroom has made a natural SPA for our body wave hair.
    After that, the cleaned hair has absorbed enough moisture, is not easy to knot, but also very helpful to absorb the nutrients of hair care products. So they are very soft, healthy and silky.
  2. Most girls wash their hair directly with water, without any preparation, and it is often difficult to clean your hair thoroughly.
    Beautiful girls, we can comb our hair with a wide-toothed comb before cleaning them, so that dust or other debris can surface on our hair.
    Besides, the above method can prevent shedding and knot of Brazilian straight hair bundles. If the dust attached to the hair can be thoroughly washed, it will help our hair absorb the nutrients of hair care products late on. This will make our hair healthier, softer and shinier.alimoda hair straight hair with frontal                                                 Alimoda Straight Hair Bundles With Lace Frontal
  3. After washing your human weave hair, don’t rush to comb it with a comb. Wait until your hair dries before you comb it. Otherwise, it can lead to split ends and hair shedding.

Today we are going to talk about some mistakes about shampooing. If you want to make your human hair extension soft and dry after washing, you have to pay attention to these details. There is also the need to control the frequency of your shampoo.

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