Solve the problem of dry hair and static electricity in autumn

Autumn is coming. Are you ready to protect yourself? Although it is cool in autumn, the air is also very dry, not only for your dry skin moisturizing, girls also need to take care of your human hair bundles more carefully.

Today, I’m writing this article to make you realize the importance of maintaining your virgin hair weave in the autumn and how to take care of your weave hair properly. You can use some hair moisturizers every day to activate your virgin hair, which will keep your hair bundles full of water and full of vitality.

alimoda hair deep wave hair bundles with frontal 4

Alimoda Deep Wave Bundles With Frontal

Prevent drying

1. Keep your virgin closure hair as clean as possible and reduce the number of times to clean it. Because it doesn’t absorb nutrients and water from your body, whether your hair weave hair is Brazilian straight hair or Malaysian hair body wave, and it doesn’t get moisturized by natural oils, it dries more easily than your own hair. So it is best to wash your hair once a week or so, and don’t use overheated water when you wash it and don’t use a hot hair dryer to dry your hair, otherwise, it will accelerate the loss of moisture in your hair.

2. Be sure to use conditioner. Whether in any weather or season, use the suitable conditioner to help your human hair extensions replenish moisture and nutrients after washing. When applying conditioner, the correct way to start is to evenly apply conditioner on your hair bundles with closure from the root to the tip of the hair, and eventually apply more at the end of the hair. After a period of time, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Ali moda hair water wave bundles with closure

Alimoda Water Wave Bundles With Closure

Prevent hair from producing static electricity

  1. First of all, do not let your weave hair become dry. It is difficult to generate static electricity with sufficient moisture.
  2. Keep the humidity of the home air and open the air humidifier. A dry environment is more likely to generate static electricity.
  3. Try to wear anti-static clothes, such as cotton clothes, do not wear chemical fiber clothes, also do not use chemical fiber bedding.
  4. When combing your hair, you can dip the comb in some clean water properly. This will not only prevent static electricity but also make your body wave hair weave more gentle.

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