Protect your weave hair while sleeping

Many beautiful girls always want to find the healthiest human hair extension, but neglect the importance of maintaining them. We all need to know that even high-quality virgin hair weave can get rough, knotted and shed if it’s not properly maintained.

We have to take care of our loose wave weave hair all the time, not only when you clean your closure hair to pay attention to some common mistakes, and when you wear it to pay attention to the method, even when you sleep, can not ignore the care of your hair bundles.

Today we’re going to talk about ways to protect your virgin hair from damage while you sleep at night:

  • First of all, when you sleep at night, using soft pillows can prevent hair damage to a certain extent.
  • Second, when we’re going to sleep, don’t wet our virgin hair bundles with lace closure because of wet hair breaks and bends more easily during sleep. So keep your hair dry when you sleep.
  • Third, if you have a bad sleeping posture, gently comb your virgin hair lace frontal with a hand or comb before bedtime to minimize knotting.
  • Forth, simply braiding your Brazilian weave hair into braids can help keep it from getting too messy when you are turning and move at evening. There are many choices, like two pig-tail braids, side braid and so on.

Alimoda hair body wave bundles with closure

Alimoda Body Wave Bundles With Lace Closure

There are many other ways to protect your virgin hair extension from less damage when you go to bed at night. Here are just a few of my own tips. Hope to help you sleep at night can also take good care of your best hair extensions, reduce the harm to it. If you have other better ways, please share them in the comments!

Alimoda sells natural-look human hair extensions, they are made from 100% virgin hair without any perming and coloring, so they are healthy, silky and durable. If you can take good care of them, they can bring you beauty for more than a year. And there are many styles you can choose from, such as Brazilian straight hair bundles with lace closure frontal, body wave hair with lace closure frontal, curly wave weave hair and so on. You are welcome to visit our site for detail.

Finally, I hope you can take good care of your virgin weave hair. After all, its price is not cheap. And hoping that Alimoda virgin hair extension will make you more beautiful.


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