Maintain your deep wave hair

Now human hair extensions are becoming more and more popular. In the process of using deep wave weave hair, we need to take care of it. Today we will discuss something about maintaining deep wave hair extensions.

Why should we take care of our deep wave hair extension?

If a woman has beautiful hair, it will make her stand out from the crowd because it is an important part of your appearance, it has laid down your overall style. However, a bad hairstyle will ruin all your beautiful places. So the proper maintenance is essential to the use of deep wave hair.

alimoda hair deep wave hair bundles

Alimoda Deep Wave Bundles

What does a well-maintained hair bring to you?

  • 1. It can bring you beauty.
  • 2. It shows that you are an independent woman who can take care of yourself.
  • 3. It can display your personality.
  • 4. You may be remembered for this beautiful deep wave hair bundles.
  • 5. Perfect lace frontal with hair bundles will bring you confidence.

alimoda hair deep wave hair frontal closure

Alimoda Deep Wave Lace Frontal

In order to keep your deep wave weave hair soft, healthy and shiny, and to keep you deep wave hair longer, you have to maintain your deep wave hair extensions. Next, I will introduce some of my experience in maintaining deep, hoping that these methods can help you.


  • 1. When cleaning your Brazilian hair deep wave lace frontal, you can gently comb your hair with your finger. Don’t comb the comb with deep, because it may tear the hair.
  • 2. If you want to bleach your deep or dye it in order colors, we recommend that you go directly to a professional hairdresser to help you. Don’t mess with it yourself, or your Brazilain deep wave bundles may be damaged by you. After bleaching and coloring, you must use conditioner to protect your deep.
  • 3. In the evening, when you sleep, you have to protect your Brazilian deep wave bundles. You can first tie your deep wave hair into a single twist and cover it with a silk ribbon.
  • 4. When not wearing it, wash it clean and put it on the dummy’s head, do not put it randomly, because that may cause hair tangles and deformation.

alimoda hair deep wave hair bundles with closure

Alimoda Deep Wave Bundles With Lace Closure

Alimoda deep wave

The deep wave hair produced by Alimoda is very smooth, soft and thick, with a graceful temperament. All of our deep wave materials are 100% virgin hair, so they look more natural and have no smell. If you can maintain it properly, it will bring you beauty for more than a year.


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