Compared to straight hairstyle, curly hair weave is easier to become entangled and harder to maintain. This has become one of the reasons why many girls dare not buy curly wave hair. But as long as you maintain and wear your curly wave hair in the right way, it can also stay healthy, soft and silky. Today we are going to show you some common ways to take care of your Peruvian curly hair so that it stays healthy and beautiful.

Whatever the hairstyle and hair type, the key to keeping Peruvian curly hair bundles healthy, soft, and durable is to keep them as moisturized as possible. Here are some ways to teach you how to nourish your hair properly.

alimoda curly hair bundles

Alimoda Curly Hair Bundles (100% virgin hair)

1. Pay attention to regular maintenance.

No work can be effective immediately, and all success needs to be accumulated over time. If Peruvian curly hair bundles get worse, it is mostly due to errors in everyday use. It needs you to make a lot of daily maintenance to get bad hair back to life or to keep curly weave hair healthy all the time.

It is best to use a sulfate-free shampoo and moisturizing conditioner when you wash your hair regularly to make sure it is moisturized enough. You can also spray some moisturizing spray to replenish the missing water. Do not use a hot dryer to dry your curly hair bundles with closure.

2. According to your usage, make a deep condition for your Peruvian curly hair lace closure from half a month to one month. Use olive oil or other maintenance products to make a deep spa for your Peruvian curly hair, let it revitalize, make up for lost nutrients.

3. Compared with straight hair, curly hair needs more protection in the evening because it is more easily entangled. Before going to bed at night, you can tie your curly hair bundles together with a silk ribbon to prevent tangles and pulls as much as possible when you roll over or move at night. You can find a softer pillow, which can also help you to lessen the damage to your hair.

alimoda hair curly wave 3 bundles with closure

Alimoda Curly Hair Bundles With Closure

4. Try to stay away from hair dye and bleach. Although our Peruvian curly hair can withstand many times of dyeing and bleaching, you need to know that each operation will seriously damage your weave hair, reduce its life, and if you do not handle it properly, it may never be able to revive.

5. Stay away from hair products like hairspray. These products contain a lot of unknown chemicals, which not only can seriously damage your hair, but can also cause an allergy to your scalp. And using this product will increase the number of times you shampoo, which undoubtedly increases the pressure on your curly closure hair, making it dry and lifeless.

alimoda curly hair bundles with frontal 2

Alimoda Curly Hair Bundles With Frontal


There are actually many more detailed ways to help you maintain your Peruvian curly hair. Even if you know that all methods are not as good as you have a heart that wants to maintain weave hair, attitude is more important. Remember that only healthy silky hair can give you beauty and confidence, so be sure to spend some time and energy taking care of it.

Alimoda Curly Hair

Alimoda sells very good curly hair weave,  their raw materials are 100% virgin human hair, so they are very healthy and natural. If you can use them correctly, they will bring you beauty for at least a year. There are many combinations for you to choose from, such as curly hair bundles, curly hair bundles with closure, curly hair bundles with frontal, curly hair lace frontal closure and so on.


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