How can you save money on human weave hair

Basically, every girl in the world spends some time and money on her appearance, but some spend more and others spend less. But under the same congenital conditions, it is an indisputable fact that a girl who spends more are more likely to remain young and beautiful than those who spend less.

It has to be said that having beautiful hair makes it very easy for some girls to stand out from the crowd, so it is very necessary to have beautiful hair. But often beautiful 100% virgin hair weave is a little expensive, and if you want to buy more, maybe it’s a not small living expense. Today I will tell you how to save money when you buy virgin hair bundles at Alimoda website.

1. The discount time is enough to buy

You can spend less money on virgin hair bundles when we do promotional activities. Alimoda often holds discount activities on celebrating days, such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, student opening season and so on.

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2. Learn to use coupons

If you buy multiple Brazilian hair extensions, you can place multiple orders according to their prices, which will give you more discounts. Of course, this has to be done in the context of the use of coupons.

  • Use code alimoda5 get $5 OFF on order over $79
  • Use code alimoda10 get $10 OFF on order over $179
  • Use code alimoda20 get $10 OFF on order over $379

3. Share Alimoda human hair with some social media

Social networking is very popular nowadays, there are many people have a lot of social software home page, you just need to share our site to your home page, let more people see, you can get a not small discount. It’s easy, is it?

4. Subscribe to Alimoda site

You can get a big discount by simply subscribing to our site. We never send junk content. We only send some content when we launch new products or conduct discount promotions.

5. Making personal video

If you can make a video about you and your hair bundles with lace frontal after purchase and upload it to youtube, pinterest or other social software, we will return you a substantial discount. The types of video can be using feelings, wearing techniques, coloring your hair, styling your hair, maintain your virgin hair, etc. One of the fascinating things about social media marketing is the endless opportunities! This way you will help us promote our work so we will not have to partner with The Marketing Heaven and similar companies. Plus, it’s a win-win situation- we will improve the reach and pick up visitors on different channels, and you will get a discount. Girls always want their hair to look beautiful. And we can make them happy. Let’s create craze on social networks around Alimoda human weave hair!

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In the above, we briefly introduce some ways to save money when we buy 100% virgin hair bundles on Alimoda site. You can consult our customer service for specific details.
Alimoda sells the highest quality virgin hair extensions because we are the manufacturer direct sale, so we have the most affordable price. And we have a lot of virgin hairstyles, like Brazilian straight hair bundles, Brazilian curly hair bundles with lace closure, Brazilian body wave lace frontal, wavy hair, lace closure hair and so on.


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