Question: Why is Alimoda hair more expensive than other brands?

Answer: First of all, the raw materials we use are collected directly from women in Brazil, India, Malaysia or other countries. These hair have not been permed, dyed or other chemically treated, so they are all natural. Their scales are in the same direction, so they are not easier to tangles and friction. And throughout the process, only high-temperature steam is used to clean and style them, never soak them with any acid. So they are very healthy and durable, and if you can use them correctly, they can bring you beauty for at least a year.

alimoda hair body wave bundles with closure 10

Alimoda Body Wave Bundles With Closure

Question: Can Alimoda hair bundles be dyed or restyled?

Answer: Our human hair products are all 100% virgin hair, so they can be dyed to any color you like, they can be bleached, and the stylist can help you restyle your hair. But we don’t recommend that you do it often, because both perm and dye can seriously damage your precious hair.

Question: How many hair bundles for a full head?

Answer: Usually 3-4 bundles with lace closure or lace frontal can give you a full head. But how much you need depends on the size of your head and the length you want. For example, if you want a longer hairstyle over 20 inches, you may need one more.

Ali moda hair water wave bundles with frontal 6Alimoda Water Wave Bundles With Frontal

Question: Why do some hair bifurcate at the end?

Answer: As we all know, real human hair grows out of our scalp, and as the length increases, they absorb fewer nutrients, so bifurcation at the end of the hair is normal, especially hair over 20 inches. That is why we need more conditioner at the end of our hair when we are doing deep maintenance for human hair bundles.

Question: Why does the hair get entangled or shedding?

Answer: Under normal circumstances, some shedding and tangling are normal. But if you don’t use it correctly, it will cause serious tangles and shedding. For example, if you wash it too often, it will dry your hair and make it easy to tangle. And if you don’t pay attention to your lace closure hair or lace frontal when you sleep at night, it pulls your weave hair when you roll over or move, causing them to fall off and tangle.

Question: How to prevent shedding?

Answer: It is best to use a wide-toothed comb or fingers to comb your hair gently. Don’t use a comb when arranging your curl. Use some olive oil to keep your weave hair smooth, which also prevents hair bundles from shedding.

Question: What kinds of human weave hair do Alimoda sell?

Answer: We now have the most popular virgin hair from different countries, such as Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair and so on. We have the most comprehensive hairstyle choices, such as straight hair, body wave, curly wave, wavy hair, loose deep wave and so on. We have very flexible purchasing portfolios, such as only hair bundles, hair bundles with lace closure, hair bundles with lace frontal, only lace closure frontal, human hair wigs and so on.



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